SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web pages in a search engines “natural” or un-paid(“organic”) search results.  SEO is very important to make your website and your business widely available to customers who may not know about it.  There has been a recent study showing that about 89% of customers use search engines to find information on products, services, or businesses prior to making a purchase.


There are many factors that contribute to where you are ranking in the search engines.  It is a complicated formula that combines factors of your website, social media, business listings/citations, backlinks, and the trust of your existing site. We have created and tested a formula that works.  We have the ability to blanket the front page of search engines with your website, social media properties, business listings, and videos.


Many business owners don’t understand how search engines work and the insane amount of traffic their business is missing out on.  When you search for keywords that are specific to your business, where are you in the search engines? Where are your competitors?  If they are ranked higher than you are, you are losing customers to them.  Don’t let your competitors take your customers.  We can help you crush your competition.  You may have found us by searching for “Malvern SEO”.  You can see that our website is visible on the first pages of the search engines for those keywords.  We will do the same for your keywords.


You may be wondering how it works.  Below is a brief example of what we do:


1.  We will analyze your existing website and make sure there aren’t any problems with any search engine optimization that was previously done to your website.  We will check for penalties and make sure the website is properly optimized. (If you do not currently have a website, we will build one for you and make sure its optimized properly.)

2.  We will then make sure you are verified in Google My Business.  We will also make sure you have some basic social media setup to build trust of your website and have other properties that will be visible to customers.

3.  Our next step would be to send relevant and high domain, quality citations to your site.  This helps increase the trust of your site and build the foundation to get it ranked at the top of the search engines.


That’s just a few of the steps we take in dominating the rankings, we can’t give away all of our knowledge for free!!


After we meet for our initial free consultation, we can discuss the different types of packages we offer.  We will be able to rank just your website at the top of the search engines, or we can blanket the first pages with other properties as well. We can rank your social properties such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or we can even put your business citations on the first page, such as Yelp or Manta.  Depending on how much you want to crush your competition, Original39 Marketing will be able to assist you in that department.


If you would like to get started on dominating your keywords, the way we dominate Malvern SEO, please fill out our discovery form to receive a free consultation.